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Metal Eurovision 2013 – Part Two

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Tricifix – Monothist (death metal)

As with Eurovision tradition, some golden oldies are brought out when there’s no hope left to relive their wonder years. This bunch from Donegal formed in the late eighties, and the track is taken from their 1991 album Diurnal Decay. Mixing smoothly flowing bass lines with an intricate and thrashy approach to death metal, Tricifix are worthy additions to any early death collection.


Betzefer – Doomsday (groove metal)

From their 2011 album Freedom To The Slave Makers, this track nods to Betzefer’s influences of Pantera and late Sepultura while still maintaining an original sound. Proof that keeping it simple can be as effective as any uberwiddly solo, the chorus chant has a tendency to lodge in your head all day.


Murk – In The Kingdom Of The Dead (black metal)

From Florence in Tuscany, Murk bring a dissonant and haunting breed of BM. Vocals are a little too reminiscent of a comical Strepsils advert for my taste, though these improve as the song progresses. Guitar tone and tempo however are spot on. Taken from the 2007 album Unholy Presences.


Grondh – Bads (black metal)

Taken from their only album Necilvēks, not much has been heard of the band since 2011. The track hurtles in at a gallop rather than creating atmosphere, but the vocal style is commendable.


Dinozauras – Įpareigotas Maitoti (sludge/goregrind)

While seeming an unlikely genre, it’s certainly proof that in metal anything is possible if you hit things hard enough. Meaning ‘Obliged To Defile’ in Lithuanian, crushing drums and staggering riffs create a disgustingly brutal tone reminiscent of an explosion in an abattoir, and while the grind part is seemingly absent, the gore is definitely there. From their album Ecce Cruor!, released in 2012.

Macedonia (FYROM)

Furion – Queen Of Thieves (thrash)

Released in February of this year on their first full-length album Thrashing Folks, Furion have a solid style of thash that brings in elements of their native music with great effectiveness, seen best in the way the track boots back from an instrumental break into full headbanging glory. Even before this album release, Furion won a Battle Of The Bands contest and played at Wacken in 2009. Certainly one to get heads nodding.


Thy Legion – Sadism Through Holy Intervention (blackened death)

Playing at Chains’R’Us is certainly a good formula for a music video, but it helps if the music is good as well. These Maltese metallers certainly deliver, with machine-gun blast beats, effective vocals and catchy guitar riffs. Taken from Venerato Diaboli, released in 2010.


Caligo – Behold Ragnarok (one-man black metal)

Immortal-like vocals reside in tin-can style production quality, adding to the grimness of this great track from solo black metaller Caligo. Released in February of this year, it’s the second track off his demo album Residing In The Black Void, which also features a cover of Darkthrone’s ‘Skald Av Satans Sol’.


Zaimus – Under The Unholy Spells Of Night (black metal)

More black metal, this time with two members, Khamul and Asmodai. While relying quite heavily on just a few riffs throughout the majority of the track, the track has a pretty nice tempo to it, lyrics are pretty good, and programming adds something new, particularly at around five minutes in. Taken from their self-released EP of the same name.


Acid Deathtrip – The Aftermath (sludge/doom)

Wonderfully crushing sonic dystopia, complete with ’60s moustaches and boobs. A relatively new band, they released their first EP on the 18th of March this year. Describing themselves as ‘blasphemous boogie’ and ‘getting face-banged by nudist midgets under a pagan moon’ should give you some idea. One to watch!


Summon The Crows – Menneske (crust/death)

Renowned for its prowess at most other kinds of metal, it was hard to find something a bit different for Norway’s entry. Translating as ‘Human’, this track from crusty riff-jugglers Summon The Crows is short-lived but amazingly intricate. It is the penultimate track on their EP; since then they have made two more full length albums and a split with Deviated Instinct.

A close second came Dødfødt with ‘Krigen’.


The :Egocentrics – Mystic Initiation (psych/stoner)

A truly commendable effort, this song just builds and builds with some truly amazing tone. This stoner-psych behemoth is from their demo, and checking out their other releases is highly recommended for lovers of the overweight chub riff.


Камни (Kamni) – Bong of Satan (stoner/doom)

Taken from their 2010 EP, crushing riffs and some pretty awesome wah-pedalling make Kamni’s ‘Bong Of Satan’ a pretty damn good track. Vocals sound oddly like Ramesses pretending to be Phil Anselmo, but it fits the style they’ve created nicely.

San Marino

Nothing Inside Eyes – The Day Skies Fall On Earth (thrash/hardcore)

The ever-valued Encyclopaedia Metallum is often vital in searching for new bands, but unfortunately San Marino, a country of just over twenty-four square miles, turns up two results, both of whom had split up. One of those, Alchimia 2012, went on to create this band after departing, and the result is a pretty modern-sounding ‘core affair. Released in July of last year.


Putrid Blood – Kontraudar (thrash)

Meaning ‘Counterattack’ in Serbian, ‘Kontraudar’ has that rare quality of native-tongue songs that means once the words (or at least their approximate sounds) are learnt, it’s just as fun to chant along to as any other song. Even with Google Translates’ erratic guessing, the lyrical themes are pretty key to many other thrash tracks, and the riffs hammer them home well. Taken from their 2012 album Absolute Profit.


Somrak – Howls From The Devil (black metal)

Slovenian for ‘Twilight’ (though luckily no relation to a franchise of the same name), Somrak focus on Satanism and the occult as their inspiration, and between the four of the they’ve created some pretty good stuff, even if the vocals falter at times. Taken from the 2007 album The Abhorred Blessings.


Monkeypriest – Hanuman’s Dance (sludge/doom)

Breaking straight out with some Phurpa-style throat singing, ‘Hanuman’s Dance’ soon settles into a distinctly crushing plod, almost impossible to resist nodding along to. The opening track from their 2011 album, The Psalm, it sets both the pace and tone for the remaining six tracks brilliantly. It’s well worth listening to the album in one hit to get the full effect of it.


Soliloquium – Crossroads (doom/death)

From Sweden hail Soliloquium, a two-piece band from Stockholm. The band mixes atmospheric clean-sung passages with more brutal sections, similar to the style of Katatonia and October Tide, but still manages to remain unique and intriguing, using switches between both vocal styles and tempo to keep the listener’s interest peaked. Taken from their new album The Concept Of Escape.


Moonfrost – Cleanse (black metal)

With their name winning triple points in Black Metal Scrabble, Moonfrost bring this fantastically desolate track forth from the land of snowy peaks and traffic incursions. It has some brilliant instrumental parts at the beginning that lead back nicely to well-paced BM, but the piano sections at the end may lead some to turn it off early. From the album Starfall, released in December 2011.


Marauder – Atrophied King (thrash)

With a vocal sound akin to Australian thrashers Mortal Sin, this Kiev bunch throw themselves headlong into a superspeed thrash assault for just over two minutes. Short, but sweet. Taken from the single of the same name, which was released in February of this year.

Venus in Binbags

Gig Review: Grand Magus (Bogiez Rock Bar, Cardiff, 28/02/13)

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All the way from Sweden, The Mighty ʻMagus Metal Machine rolls into town to distract the locals from futile slate mining or whatever it is they do.

We are eased into the eveningʼs festivities by Thorun, who offer instrumental stoner-doom laden with groove and infused with occasional hints of jazz. Theyʼre heavy, self-deprecating and crucially, understand song structure: their slow jams are a succession of peaks and troughs, making best use of contrast to achieve outstanding heaviness exactly where they mean to. Itʼs extremely palatable, and Iʼd genuinely like to see them play outside of Wales. You could probably book them in return for a crate of Brains, depending on the current exchange rate.


As Primitai launch into their opening song, it becomes apparent that they suck more balls than a hoover at a a bearing factory. Itʼs the singer trying to be a hairy Bruce Dickinson, itʼs the two twelve-year-old guitarists and itʼs the extended tapping/sweep-picking solos they insist on trading between them. As the kickdrumming adds some pace to proceedings it becomes a little more appealing, but why do they have 5 microphones onstage? The result is presumably a nightmare for the sound guy and comes across as trebly power soup. Thereʼs no point banging on about it, because theyʼre trying hard and they believe in what they do, but thereʼs just too much going on for the constraints of tonightʼs tiny gigging environment. Songs like ʻScream When You See Usʼ donʼt inspire much empathy either, but thatʼs because Iʼm an arsehole. Big things are clearly expected of them on account of them being picked to tour with ʻMagus, but a thousand times I would rather Thorun were the higher support act, where their brand of head-nodding, groove-offering instrumentalism would have sat nicely on the bill before the headliners put the crowd in frenzy mode, but fuckadiddums. If you like shredding new-school opera metal go check em out. If not, get another beer.


Grand Magus
Anticipation grows steadily as the instrumental intro rings out, and for a brief moment it seems as if everything has gone horribly wrong when they abort their opener on account of guitar problems. JB kicks his amp a few times, thereʼs a round of head-scratching, then the bad feedback (if such a thing exists) ceases and they crack on: ʻRight, letʼs try that again.ʼ From there, they never look back – Grand Magus proceed to demonstrate exactly why theyʼre a top-line touring band. Their stage presence is confident & assured without ever being pretentious, the sound is mixed to perfection and the crowd go apeshit which in itself is worrying considering 30% of the crowd are wearing matching ʻDaveʼs Gymʼ T- shirts. In contrast to Primitai trying to do everything all at once sonically, the Magus formula of 3 instruments is perfectly balanced and musically tight, a class act. Set wise, it drew heavily from last yearʼs The Hunt, blended with older stuff to satisfy the die-hards down the front. A thundering drum solo from Mr. Ludde breaks up the performance, allowing JB & Fox to nip off and drag another crate of beer onstage before resuming the high quality metal barrage. Testament to ʻMagus itʼs the only gig Iʼve been to where the band acknowledges the inevitable encore before theyʼve even finished, and they barely even bother to down tools following closer ʻIron Willʼ before theyʼre on again to deliver the now obligatory crowd-pleaser ʻHammer of the North.ʼ The crowd keeps singing it even after the song finishes and they walk offstage, the drunken fools.



Heavy Metal History – The Big Bang

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Some time ago I found myself in a conversation defending Sharon Osbourne against a claim that she “knows fuck all about Metal!”. Now, being as she married one of the men who is credited with inventing the entire genre and having had the likes of Gary Moore, Motorhead and Coal Chamber under her management. I found this statement somewhat confusing.

This being said I have taken it upon myself to give a series of history lessons on the subject. You may not agree with some of it but I don’t really care!

Lesson 1 – Diabolous in musica

On 13 February 1970 four blokes, John, Anthony, Terence and William, from Birmingham, UK, changed their heavy blues rock bands name from ‘Earth’ and released the self titled album ‘Black Sabbath’ after the Mario Bava film of the same name.

The first 3 notes 37 seconds into the opening song on the album is the “Big Bang” point in the metal universe where the Heavy Metal Genre was born.

This 3 note interval, known as a tritone, the Devils chord or ‘diabolous in musica’ (which was later used to title a Slayer album, but more on them in the future) bought fear upon people in the middle ages who believed that it would summon the devil due to its dissonance. Now, at this point I should say that the tritone was widely used way way before Tony Iommi cranked it out, most notably in Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite “Mars, the Bringer of War” but I don’t want to go back too far!

Recorded over two days in November of 1969 the rest of the song follows standard building blocks of almost all metal nowadays. Heavy, overdriven guitars with amps set to 11, bass and drums pounding along underneath everything, screaming guitar solos and then lyrics about a “Figure in black”, Satan, Fire and Death… Sound familiar? While Im on the subject of lyrics I should mention that Deej would be happy to report that the track “Behind the Wall of Sleep” on the album was written in reference to the H.P. Lovecraft story of the “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” and we have already showed that there is a myriad of Lovecraft metal out there!

Moving on to the album artwork we find a long haired figure in black stood in front of trees and a ‘spooky’ building which is a staple especially amongst most Scandinavian metal album covers…. Darkthrone’s ‘Panzerfaust’, Burzum’s ‘Aske’ anyone? This is not to mention the inner sleeve of the album on which was an upturned crucifix which did nothing to quell the allegations that they were a ‘Satanic’ band. A small factlet regarding the band member’s names on the inner sleeve is that Ozzy’s name was misspelled as ‘Ossie’ on the original print.

Metal has been written which may sound heavier or be scarier or faster or louder than the previous bands release but all can be taken apart and have its origins found right back at Black Sabbath. Replicated time and time again and probably will be many many more times!

Although this is not an album review as such Ill leave you in anticipation of Black Sabbath’s 21st album due later in 2013 by raising 10 mead horns and giving you this quote from Lamb of God’s Chris Adler:

“If anybody who plays heavy metal says that they weren’t influenced by Black Sabbath’s music, then I think that they’re lying to you. I think all heavy metal music was, in some way, influenced by what Black Sabbath did.”



B and G Podcast – Episode 1

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Ahoy to you all,

It’s finally here. The event you’ve all been waiting for. The Badass & Grimness Podcast – Episode 1.

In this episode we discuss whats new and recommend ‘Witch’ by Witch and ‘Likferd’ by Windir. As well as joining Mr. Clungeberry in a round of ‘What Rumple Sees’.

Please remember to subscribe on iTunes and follow on Twitter and all that other social crap!




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B and G Podcast – Post Damnation

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In this Post Damnation episode we discuss last months Damnation Festival in Leeds.

Featuring: Electric Wizard, Winterfylleth, Wodens Throne, Witch Sorrow, Vried and more.

Apologies for the audio quality at points.



B and G Podcast – Pre Damnation

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Hey Guys,

In this pre episode episode with new microphone and beer, we discuss the following weekends Damnation Festival in Leeds.

Featuring: Electric Wizard, Winterfylleth, Wodens Throne, Witch Sorrow, a few more and a bit of a My Dying Bride bashing!





High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis

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De Vermis Mysteriis is Latin for “The Mysteries of the Worm”, and is the title of a fictional grimoire created by Robert Bloch while he was writing his lovecraftian fiction (the same Bloch would later go on to write Psycho). The concept of the album itself is frankly bizarre, described by front-man Matt Pike: Jesus Christ’s twin brother who died at birth travels forward through time until he finds a magic potion, then starts to travel backwards seeing history through his ancestors eyes, but his enemies can kill him if they kill that ancestor. Groovy.

De Vermis Mysteriis is a great slab of heavy metal, each song overflowing with chunky riffs  in the sludge/stoner vein. It actually reminded me a lot of Mastodon’s “Leviathan” in the crushing heaviness of the guitar tone and the quality of the song writing. After the first three tracks of fast and furious guitar work the guys take their foot of the pedal a bit for “Madness of an Architect”, a much more doom influenced track, and “Samsara” a four minute instrumental with a kick-ass bluesy solo. These two tracks add some welcome variety with a change of pace and style at the centre of the record. Don’t get too comfortable, as “Spiritual Rights” kicks you in the teeth and gets the train rolling again.

My favourite track is “King of Days” another slow burner, with such an awesome riff (just go listen to it), as Pike howls a Crowbaresque lament ‘They sail a burning sun, A war they never won, They toss the fear aside, Never to ask for Pride!’ Again, the solo is top notch. A great  album which packs a punch.

Highly recommended for any heavy metal/rock fans, if you like this check out:

Mastodon – “Leviathan”

Crowbar – “Severe the Wicked Hand”

Howl – “Full of Hell”