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Under Vultures / 466/64 – 10″ Split Release

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Under Vultures:

Formed in 2009, and hailing from Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain, Under Vultures deliver Grindcore with a Black Metal undercurrent. This record kicks off with a suitably grim sample “My life for hate, a vision dims…”, before hurtling into the first 16 minutes of the 10” which makes up the Under Vultures side of the split. The first thing to say is that for my taste these guys get the balance between the Grind and BM elements in their music right on the money. “Ions Inside” exhibits the discordant guitar harmonies of the far off frozen hinterlands before calling an emergency stop into beat-down territory, then the pedals back down for a race to the finish; that’s a lot to pack into 1:12 of song.

There are also some more straightforward Grindcore tracks, such as “Screwing Sickness”, “Trying to Avoid Death” or the brief 13 second double punch “And You More…” to keep those of you who prefer to have that pneumatic drill split your skull open unmolested by such heresies as song progression or tempo variation. However, the highlight is undoubtedly the three middle tracks “Where Life…”, “…And Death…”, “…Converge”, showing off the best of everything Under Vultures do. “Where Life…” is a minute of grim Nathrakh-esque bile, which dumps you into “..And Death…”. This a breakdown worthy of an on-site ambulance to deal with the quantity of snapped spinal cords and whiplash I foresee following its delivery. Finally “..Converge” jumps back into full speed Grind-mode. This a well executed collection of tracks which will appeal to fans of Dragged Into Sunlight, and you can look forward to another split release from Under Vultures later in the year through “The Path Less Travelled Records”.

If you’re a fan of grindcore definitely go and listen to these guys, there’s absolutely no excuse not to as this split is available for free on their bandcamp page ( They will be playing at Summon the Dead Madridfest II with other great acts including Mumakil later in the year, and will also be playing with French Blackened Noisecore act Nesseria.



Tip: If you search for 466/64 online the first suggestion you’re likely to get back from the google meta-brain is “7.28125”. If you are astute enough to add the qualifier “band” to your enquiry you will find almost jack diddley fuck, which is to say, these guys aren’t interested in you Liking their latest blog post / fashion parade / release from South African jail. What they are interested in is force feeding you bite sized portions of aural shrapnel interspersed with Spanish quotations and if you’re lucky some chunks of broken glass. The band bio that is available was in Spanish, and contained such revealing information as “one of the most powerful musical projects who have never seen the Canary Islands”. Intrigued yet?

The 15 tracks which make up the 466/64 side of this split are a mix of Grindcore/Hardcore and Power Violence (a genre pioneered by “Man is the Bastard” according to THE INTERNET). What you’re getting here is 12 minutes of convulsive violence which vacillates between bass drum barrages and punk laden riffage. The word that really comes to mind is chaotic, like a rabid dog who’s just eaten all the red skittles and has been thrown into a strobe lighted chicken coop. It’s not pretty but after 12 minutes it comes out filthy, covered in blood, sated but a little bit confused; very much like my ear drums after hearing this.


Overall I give this: 7.28125 out of 10