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B and G Podcast – Episode 2

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B and G Podcast – Episode 2

Your wait is over… Just scraping in at the end of the month. The February episode of the Badass & Grimness Podcast for your enjoyment/ridicule.

This month we recommend Frostnacht by Helrunar and Ghost Reveries by Opeth. Deej and I also fail to identify what it was the Rumple was seeing!

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Gig Review: Hell, Winterfylleth, A Thousand Enemies (The Assembly Rooms, Derby, 23/2/13)

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Murderdeth and myself were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Hell tour launch party at the Assembly Rooms in their local parish of Derby. After queuing in the frankly nut-busting cold for a while, we were allowed entry and made our way to the stage.

A Thousand Enemies

To kick things off were local band A Thousand Enemies. I’ve seen these guys a couple of times before and am yet to be disappointed. They’ve got a great modern metal sound which is tight and well executed, and enough riffs and gnarly rhythm to hook your interest where other acts of a similar nature would probably have lost me by the third song. There was a warm reception from the crowd (no small feat considering 10 minutes previously our average temperature had been -2 degrees centigrade), and we were off to a good start. Heads banged, guitar solos whipped our ears, and my initial metal-lust was sated. Job done sirs!



Up next, and honestly the reason this show came to my attention, Winterfylleth. If you have yet to look into this band then get at it, they’re one of the best Black Metal acts to have emerged from the UK, and were present at both Bloodstock and Damnation Festivals 2012. There’s a great mix of brutal rhythm infused with rising melody, at times triumphant at others melancholy, as you would expect from a band who are so focussed lyrically on Anglo-Saxon history and prose.The live show was no disappointment, with the band playing a mix of tracks from sophomore release “The Mercian Sphere”, and their latest album “The Threnody of Triumph”, with song “The Swart Raven” being a particular highlight.

The live sound was great, with two part harmonies from the guitars and the distinctive chord progressions that sweep through their songs. The response was receptive, however compared to their performances at the aforementioned festivals, there probably weren’t quite as many in the crowd familiar enough with the material to chant back those clean vocal sections the way they were made for. I’d love to see these guys as a headline act to get the stage time their mostly legthy catalogue deserves. That said, they’ll have made a fair number of converts with yet another strong live set, and for those of us for whom they were the primary incentive for attending there was a good mix of new and old, and the obligatory awesome set closer of “Defending The Realm”.



Following Winterfylleth, Murderdeth and myself took another trip to the bar, this time to sample the ale brewed specially for the tour launch, the 6.66% “Devil’s Deadly Weapon”. Pitch black pints in hand we returned to the the stage room to find the crowd suitably swelled in number for the oncoming headliners.

The palpable anticipation from the crowd was broken by none other that Bloodstock’s Rob Bannister, who gave the audience a jovial tongue lashing and highlighted the number of hardcore fans who had travelled from across the continent to be at this event (how about those seditious sodomizers from Sweden?) Then things really got going as the band made their entrance and we were treated to ‘the greatest show on earth… hell.’

And what a show it turned out to be. This was a perfect combination of outstanding musical ability and dedicated showmanship. It would be a lazy comparison to simply describe Hell as NWOBHM, but it’s a good starting point of reference. Mixed with this were elements of thrash, gothic and more progressive styles. The songs were of an epic scale, and the show had a pleasing narrative quality which captured the imagination as we took a trip through the underworld.

As I said before, the whole band put on a clearly polished performance, but the singer David Bower was imperial in his command of the stage and crowd. In my 10 years of attending gigs, he is without a doubt one of the best frontmen I’ve ever seen. When Tenacious D joked about blowing the audiences’ mind with their vocals in “Master Exploder” they might as well have been writing about David Bower. The performance was theatrically augmented with a liberal dash of stage props, at one point Bower preached from the pulpit with a flaming cross in one outstretched arm, later Satan appeared before us wielding a sparking trident, and as you’d expect in Hell, there was a copious amount of fire.

Hell laid down a lesson in heavy metal and how to put on a stage show tha I urge anyone who gets the chance to attend. Even if you’re not a big fan of the 80’s heavy metal sound you would have to be a complete robot not to enjoy this amazing performance.





GhostShift “Short Days Ago” Music Video Shoot / Interview

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Last Sunday (6 Jan) both myself and Deej were given an invitation by the mastermind and guitarist behind Leicester locals GhostShift, Craig Sharman to appear in a music video for their up coming release “Short Days Ago” which features, not just the rest of the band, Matt Hamer (guitar), Pete James (bass) and Steve Ward (drums), but also the self proclaimed “King of Metal” Wolfsbane and ex Iron Maiden frontman Mr. Blaze Bayley on guest vocals.

While I cant tell you much about the video other than it’ll be a live rendition of the track, I can tell you that its a near 6 minute epic based around the first World War poem “In Flanders Fields”.

Its not a full on head banger track or something that will scar your soul like most things reviewed on here but if you love your classic, old school heavy metal then this will be right up your street. With some guitar harmonies Thin Lizzy would be proud of and a low end rumble that will make your gut make uncomfortable movements the track suits Blaze’s baritone vocals better than Maiden ever did. It even has the obligatory Maidenesque crowd vocal “WOAH, WOAH AH OHHH…..”.

We caught up with Craig after the recording to get an insight to the project.

B&G: When did you guys form?

CS: The actual song I’ve been pissing about with in one way or another for the last 5 or 6 years. We used to do it in an old band but it was in a slightly different format. S o I contacted Blaze through his manager and asked him if he fancied doing it and he was really open to the idea. Initially I thought ‘Oh great, Ill have something with him on it and it’ll look really good’ and obviously it’ll sound amazing as well because his voice is unbelievable really. I think the problem with the Iron Maiden stuff is they wouldn’t tune down I don’t think and so it just didn’t suit his vocals. So he got a lot of flak for it because he wasn’t hitting the high notes. So we got the rest of the boys on board to record it because I cant play drums or bass to any standard!

B&G: How many tracks are on the release?

CS: We’re going to schedule to do maybe another 2 or 3. The initial idea was to get this out as a single to use some of the Maiden kind of ‘X-Factor” and use Blaze’s influence to push the single. Thats why we ended up doing this video today as he’s off to South America tomorrow. As for the release of it its probably going to be about 2 or 3 months time.

B&G: Is there a theme behind the song?

CS: This actual song is taken from a WW1 poem written by a Canadian soldier wrote called “In Flanders Fields” so the entire verse and chorus is almost word for word the poem. We kind of did it in sections because the first part of the song is very somber and slow and the second part is notably more cheerful when it starts with the two guitar parts. Which is like the reflective of going from… do remember in Blackadder Goes Forth when they all go over and then it cuts and it the field of poppies?

B&G: Its really cool when it stops in the middle and the last post comes in.

CS: So thats what its supposed to do. Then its like the narrative of the guy saying he can see people wandering round the graveyard but they’ll never know who he is or what his name was and they’ll never know who his friends were of where they were buried because theres all these grave stones with no names on, so its like a light and dark tragedy thing.

B&G: Are you taking it live?

CS: Yeah. The problem is we all live apart. I live up north now so I don’t know but were hoping to do some gigs and Blaze has kindly agreed to do the vocals when he can. Yeah, should be good.

B&G: What are the other bands you’re active with?

CS: Because were new, a lot of the band I used to go round with don’t exist any more or we never got on with so its hard to say really. Theres another Leicester band called Head Wires that just came out that are absolutely amazing so we’ve spoken to the guitarist from there and he said he’s happy to do some gigs together so hopefully well go out with those guys.

B&G: Whats the last album you bought?

CS: I think the last album I bought was something out of the WASP back catalogue. “Double Live assassins” because I really like their kill, fuck, die era stuff because they went absolutely crazy. Stopped writing songs full on knob jokes and started writing about slaughtering their ex girlfriends and stuff like that. I quite like the sentiment but we don’t condone the slaughter of anybody.

B&G: Cheers dude.

CS: No worries.

GhostShift are set to release the single “Short Days Ago” on 1 April (No joke!) and the video will be appearing soon. More info can be found on