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Nuclear Death Terror – “Equinox” & “Blood Fire Chaos Death”

Posted in Crust Punk, Deathcrust with tags , , , , on February 17, 2013 by Badass and Grim

Formed in Copenhagen in 2003 and now living in sunny Australia after 5 years of worldwide touring, Nuclear Death Terror are undisputed intercuntinental crust lords. They have just this month released one track off the forthcoming ʻEquinoxʼ demo, which gives us a splendid opportunity to revisit last yearʼs ʻBlood Fire Chaos Deathʼ album. Two for one eh? Bargain!

Perhaps a little disconcertingly, the track kicks off with a clean acoustic intro nailing Beneath The Remains-era Sepultura. The howling & d-beats kick in 1.30 and the savagery is unleashed, and as you would expect (nay, demand) from anything endorsed by the mighty Southern Lord, itʼs black as hell in an infernal powercut. This is underlined by a frankly astounding tempo-drop at around 4:30. I challenge you not to bang your idiot head along to it. Thatʼs the challenge. If you win you get a Mars bar from Deej or something, stick it up your ass for all I care. The track closes with a piano outro, which was absolutely the last thing I was expecting (SPOILER ALERT: Now Iʼve ruined it for you, hahahaha you dick.) Iʼm not sure where it came from, but I like the idea that NDT found a piano in their squat or stole one and wheeled it through Melbourne. Everything about this track demonstrates hard-won versatility: itʼs exciting stuff, and the other two tracks promise to be nothing short of gut-ripping.

Blood Fire Chaos Death
Originally recorded in Japan in Jan 2011, this four track beast wasnʼt released until Dec 2012. What you get: D-beats to the death, crunchy bastard riffs and growled vocals about global civilisation collapse. Thatʼs the formula, and it works – if any of those things sound good to you, youʼre well in. At least, thatʼs the simple version for those of you who want to shotgun beers to it and work on your bangovers. For a slightly more in-depth analysis, the album can be viewed as a chronological account of humanityʼs extinction over four tracks: ʻCrisisʼ presents the initial breakdown of global order and the spread of panic; ʻCollapseʼ details the fiery terror of a nuclear holocaust (with the album title chanted as a chorus for barbaric effect); ʻDescentʼ, as the name suggests, records the plight of survivors struggling to cope in the bleak aftermath and finally ʻAbyssʼ describes the howling blackness of a nuclear winter as the notion of civilisation becomes myth. Then it fades inexorably to silence. There are time changes here & there and stylistic nuances that set Nuclear Death Terror apart from any sort of crust punk herd, and itʼs this continued development that is evident on ʻEquinoxʼ. Itʼs that kind of album that you can headbang your face off while stroking your chin to, if such a thing were possible without poking your own eyes out or looking like a prick.

Roll on the end.