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Hordes – II

Posted in Black Metal, Blackened Everything with tags , , , on March 8, 2013 by Badass and Grim


Hordes – II, the second tasty morsel from the latest grim offering out of Birmingham, sucks you even deeper into its depths than their previous release. This time recorded in their ‘studio’, i reckon its just the same lock up with a new porn mag in it, even surpasses their inaugural record in its nihilistic filth deliverance.

Opening track ‘Tooth and Claw’ begins nicely, squealing feedback paired with steady doomy drums intermixed with the even-better-than-the-first-EP screams of Duncan. You immediately feel that II has a much more measured feel to it than I, the frantic bare bone racing riffs of I have evolved, probably due repeated exposure to Special Brew, resulting in a darker and danker sounding records.

‘Parts Unknown’, begins where ‘Tooth and Claw’ left us, trempicked shreddings over relentless percussion but soon devolves into simply toms and tortured bellows. Whilst on paper it sounds odd, its perhaps one of my favourite moments on the EP, demonstrating a band willing to break out the traditional verse-chorus form and do what the hell they want. The song also ends on 40+ seconds of feedback and air raid sirens, what else do you need?!

The final track, morbidly named ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’, is the slowest paced of the 3 but no less effective in smacking you round the face with its miserable brutality. The various tempo changes throughout the entire EP continue to show how these guys can meld black metal and sludge together so well (necrosludge anyone?).

I’m thoroughly impressed with this EP and Hordes in general, from a Tweet I saw 2 weeks ago to a band I’m telling everyone i know about. Where II lacks in rawness of I, its slightly more measured approached has led to what i can only describe as the Brummie bastard love-child of Altar of Plagues, Twilight and Dragged into Sunlight and i fucking love it.



Hordes – I

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We live in a lucky world where you can just come across new bands at a drop of a hat. Gone are the days of sharing tapes of some DIY crust band your mate saw play some caravan park in ’92 or requesting your local record store buys in that obscure Icelandic acid noise jazz band you like. Whether its MyFace, Bandcamp or whatever else, the worlds music is literally at your finger tips. Which neatly brings me onto Hordes a band came across these guys following a tweet by Paul Kenney of Kroh & Devizes infamy.

Hordes are a relatively new 5 piece from Birmingham (where else!) pushing their own brand of blackened everything. Very kindly these guys have released both their EP’s as “name your price” want downloads.

Simply entitled I, and recorded in a lock up somewhere in Birmingham this release doesn’t fuck about. The opener, ‘All the White Crosses Stood In Rows’ is perfectly dark and foreboding, setting the EP up as something particularly grim. The next track, ‘The Darkest Conjuration’, forgoes any fancy intro and jumps straight into trem picked kvlt nastiness. A minute and half later Duncan joins the fast paced frenzy, screeching and wailing like a torture victim, displaying some of grimmest vocals I’ve heard recently heard. Simple yet damn effective the song progresses through slower, heavier moments but always returns to its black metal roots.

You could think the entire line ups changed with the opening notes of ‘Betrayer’, sludgy, down tuned filth but then you hit upon what Hordes do best, melding sludgy hatred with brilliant UK black metal. They switch comfortably between the two sounds and tempos, reminiscent of Dragged Into Sunlight’s ‘Hatred for Mankind’. ‘Betrayer’ culminates in a thundering BM sprint to the finish followed by the obligatory eerie clean guitar and obscure horror film sound clip, whilst not detracting from the track I don’t feel it really adds anything either.

The opening seconds of ‘Sadism in the Name of God Part II’ display exactly what this bands about, guitar volume audibly increasing and recording crackling. I’m not the biggest fan of traditional one man sitting in a cave hitting a biscuit tin black metal recording but the low-fi nature of I just marries so well with the music, no bullshit, no pretence just face sheering noise. More varied in its structure ‘Sadism’, pushes on the atmospherics and is no doubt a fantastic finisher for a live set, the languished guitars ringing out over pain filled howls in stark contrast to the frenetic riffs between these moments.

Hordes don’t mess about, there’s no solos or histrionics just ‘blackened everything’ and with an EP you can pick up for the price of a pint you’d be an idiot not to.