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Ninkharsag – The Essential Salts of Human Dust

Posted in Black Metal with tags , , on September 1, 2013 by Badass and Grim


This was a brutal 6 minutes 47 seconds that I wasn’t expecting to be added to my day. I’ll level with you, I’m having a shitty week, and this has been a good pick me up. Ninkharsag are a band I’ve never heard of until ten minutes ago, and a band you’ll never hear me try and pronounce. “The Essential Salts of Human Dust” is however, a great name for an EP, and is lifted from the short story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” which peaked my interest.

Track 1 is the title track, and let me tell you, this is some frosty shit. This is English Black Metal, but forget the oaken woodland tones of Wodensthrone and Winterfylleth, this is like having shards of ice fired into your face by a very angry tundra dwelling Jotun, charging into your Fen laden picnic screaming “NO, NO hippies!!!, It’s THIS, THIS Black Metal, the kind that freezes your veins while beating you over the head until you curl into a shivering mass of emotionally scarred man-fetus!!!” (I probably just put a metaphor inside my metaphor, the review just turned into Inception for poor analogies.) This is second wave inspired grimness with enough fresh musical corpses ground in to keep things spicy.

The Essential Salts of Human Dust has catchy ass melodies which is no way detract from the fact that you’re being blast beated into the floor. Around the 2:20 mark there is some pretty handy bass work which is pretty novel for the genre which normally dispenses with the instrument all together or mixes it into oblivion.

Second Track “Liber V vel Reguli” continues in a similar vein, and is equally pleasing to my frankly “I’ve had enough of this fucking week, can it please end now so I can forge into the sunset of solving the mountain of shit on my plate” eardrums. Makes a change from having The Wild Hunt on album repeat anyway. Excellent work from these guys, and highly recommended to fans of Taake/Windir, its got that melodic dominance and interesting guitar harmonies. Can’t wait to here a full length release.