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B and G Podcast – Episode 1

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Ahoy to you all,

It’s finally here. The event you’ve all been waiting for. The Badass & Grimness Podcast – Episode 1.

In this episode we discuss whats new and recommend ‘Witch’ by Witch and ‘Likferd’ by Windir. As well as joining Mr. Clungeberry in a round of ‘What Rumple Sees’.

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Human Cull / Homolka Split Cassette

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Prolific South-West grinders Human Cull have been throwing out more splits than a furious ice cream parlour in a heatwave. This time, they’ve been tag-teamed with impolite Canadian noise collective Homolka for a tape released by Goatprayer Records in December. Let us investigate…

Side A: Human Cull – ‘Cities Become Graves’

A note before we start, this single Human Cull track is actually longer than their last album but they’re allowed to do that because fuck rules. ‘Cities…’ kicks off the tape with purpose, direction and aggressive swagger. A tasty riff collides with blastbeats like Doom speeding in a built-up area and crashing into Drum Depot, but then it all becomes sluggish and deliberate, as the survivors climb out of the wreckage and take stock of their situation. Or, to use a vaguely less tenuous analogy, the track then resembles a rabid baboon being tranquilised by terrified zoo-keepers: filled with murderous rage, but slowing inexorably down. From here it’s the same three chords, ripped from guitars with full-bore tone worship, becoming a slow build exercise that Dragged Into Sunlight would be proud of. The whole maelstrom kicks back in at 9.40, and by 11.40 the rabies baboon is back at full vengeful consciousness, thrashing around and biting all the vets in the face with foaming AIDS jaws. Everyone dies, fade to black.

Side B: Homolka

Round 2 begins with screeching feedback (ALWAYS a good sign) at the tone of a whistling kettle, immediately evoking two of my favourite things, drinking tea and scalding unwanted house guests. What Homolka delivers is 6 songs in half the running time of ‘Cities Become Graves’. To express that another way, that’s 600% more grind in 50% of the time, exactly the kind of ludicrous quantum maths you get in grindcore. Do they deliver the goods? Yes, they do. Blastbeats aplenty, more feedback between each track, quickfire riffing and the frostbitten howling appropriate to their northern locale are all evident in shovelfuls. The track titles are devised with consideration and wit, one of my favourite things about grindcore: ‘Doped Up, Bloated and Rotting on a Toilet (Fuck Your Stupid Hipster/Rockabilly Boyfriend)’ and ‘Seth Putnam Isn’t Dead, I Just Saw Him At The Oak Leaf Steambaths’ are two absolute gems, the latter raising the intriguing, beautiful possibility that the late, great Seth Putnam may be some kind of latter day grindcore Elvis. If I have one criticism, it’s perhaps that some of the songs feel a little like Toronto in-jokes, ‘Rob Ford Doesn’t Care About Gay People’ and the 7-second ‘Book Us, Matt Cuthbert’ being prime examples but a quick trip to The Internet will give you the info if you’re interested. Side B is too short to even receive a welcome, let alone overstay it and it’s a good, solid effort from the Canadians.

Overall, this tape is an appetiser designed to make you hungry for more grind from both bands like a fat, disgusting grind-glutton. If you like what’s rammed recklessly into your ear-holes, I strongly suggest you check out the offerings from the lovely chaps at Goatprayer Records immediately by clicking here.

Keep on Grinding,



Vorum – Poisoned Void

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From the start i thought it was going to be another regular ass death metal album with bog standard riffs and screams as per the genre. Then the guitar solo in ‘Rabid Blood’ happened and I found myself air guitaring at my desk! This was immediately followed by head banging my way through the rest of the album with great appreciation.

In their own words, “VORUM springs from the poisoned waters around the scattered shores surrounded by the baltic sea. Chained to the depths since its foundation in 2006, the treacherous currents of the deep has drenched desolate banks with black disease.”

So they’re a fast, heavy and aggressive 3 piece band from Finland!

Having done a Split EP along side US band Vasaeleth in 2010, “Poisoned Void” is Vorum’s first full length solo offering… and what an offering it is! Drawing inspiration from the likes of Demigod, Abhorrence and Nihilist in fine fashion.

Highlights for me are ‘Rabid Blood’, ‘Thriving Darkness’ and title track and 7 minute long monster ‘Poisoned Void’.

Its safe to say that Im going to stick this album firmly between Dark Fortress’ “Ylem” and Watain’s “Lawless Darkness” on my shelf of beautifully heavy get shit done albums and I fully expect to see more from them in the future.





Poisoned Void will be out on 25/01/13 on Woodcut Records.

Bode Preto – Inverted Blood

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Bode Preto - Inverted Blood

I spend much of my time searching for new bands and releases that I was previously oblivious to, that once found completely dominate my interest. Often this involves near misses and disappointment after taking a chance on something crappy. Other times, as with Bode Preto’s “Inverted Blood”, someone hands me a solid obsidian gem that takes central place in the resplendent necro crown that is my music collection.

So, first an introduction to all you soon to be initiated in the way of having a poisoned blade shoved through your intestines. Bode Preto (Portuguese for Black Goat) were formed in North-Eastern Brazil circa 2009, with one previous release, their Dark Night EP which began mutilating eardrums in 2010. The current line-up consists of Josh.S on Vocal/Guitars, and after some logistical wranglings involving a 3000km journey across Brazil, Adelson Souza (ex-Grave) on barrage duty. This release also includes guest solos from Fábio Jhasko of Sarófago.

Bode Preto inhabit the pummelled no mans land between death and black metal, not so much merging the existing styles of there genres as they are today, but having crafted these tracks from the primordial rawness that preceded both. The production in pleasingly low-fi, somehow managing to encapsulate the “fuck off with your shiny recording desk” ethos of the early Norwegian BM scene while still allowing the instrumentation to be audible as more that a static fog of distortion. The recording process reflects their commitment to this aesthetic, with the vocals drenched in the natural reverb you can only achieve in a tiled bathroom. The result is an album which would not sound out of place alongside Darkthrone’s “Soulside Journey”, although with a mix allowing a little more low end through, giving the tracks more atmosphere, as if being played from the heart of a catacomb.

What I’m driving at here is that Bode Preto are fucking necro, the amazon rainforest is a blaze in the southern sky. In some alternate universe where Bode Preto formed in 1989 the environmentalists are out of business, Amazonia is the world’s largest source of charcoal, and we’re all walking around with ‘Preto Metal É Guerra” sewn onto our jackets.

There is not much to fault with this release, unless you like your production shiny and crystal clear in which case you’re in the wrong neighbourhood. In fact, if you like your production clean you probably should have stopped reading this about two paragraphs ago. Standout tracks include “Elytron” (Succubus) which from 1:43 forward pendulums between the chants of an esoteric rite and razor sharp tremolo guitars, as well as “The Erection of The Cross”, which contains my lyrical highlight.

“You King of the Kings!

You keep in silence

Forsaken by your father

Make us believe that you are the one

You! King of Nothing!


It is only left to say that this is a phenomenal release, and a definite must have for fans of extreme metal. European tour please.

El cvlto viva!



Releases and info available at:

Thanks to Terry at Goatprayer Records:

Moghul – Moghul

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When you can describe something as delivering in slabs you know its good. You only get good things in slabs; meat, concrete and in the case of Moghul, a 4 piece from Birmingham, doom, a veritable lorry load of this stuff.

I came across Moghul through Devizes records, a small Birmingham based label that currently have Kroh and Fukpig signed to them. I love Kroh and Fukpig for very different reasons and when i saw they’d signed a Midlands based doom band my interest was piqued.

After dusting off your record player, you’ll need it as initially its a vinyl release only, you’re greeted with a 23 minute, 2 track doom laden mauling. The opening riff is fuzzy, filthy and so simplistic in its approach it aches and as soon as the drums join in you’ll find your head nodding without even realising it. The track doesnt so much as progress as weave its way along, drifting through clouds of 70’s influenced psychedelia into heavier stoner doom phrases. Vocals flow between clean haunting like passages to a deeper sludgier tone reminiscent of Dopesmoker era Sleep.

‘Hidden Hand’ is initially slower and cleaner in its approach, but at 13 minutes long it can afford to be but before long the low end if so ridiculous its like being involved in some stoner earthquake. The song structure is fantastic, building up, breaking down, before rendering you senseless through a sludge based enema.

I’m generally in awe at how atmospheric and thick sounding these 4 Brummie’s are, at volume you’re completely surrounded by sustain, reverb and fuzz, lifting this from a 2 track début LP to a musical experience. They tread a fantastic line of heavy and melodic, trippy and intense and that riff at 5:38 in ‘Hidden Hand’ brings a smile to my face every time its just punishingly fucking awesome, which when juxtaposed with the blues laced trip you’ll experience at 8:20 you can see just how talented this band is. Its easy to say this release is for fans of X, Y & Z but for me there’s just so much in here its worth a listen no matter who or what you like.

I challenge anyone to listen to this album and not instantly put it on again, and again. I’ve listened to it at work, walking to walk, at home, on the bus. It just doesn’t tire, it doesn’t get old and like any truly good work of art you notice new bits every time you delve into it. If this is where Moguhl have begun I cant wait to see where it goes. Birmingham is very proud of its rock heritage but if it keeps pumping bands out this good that heritage is going to live on for much much longer.

Big thanks to Paul Kenney at Devizes Records.

GhostShift “Short Days Ago” Music Video Shoot / Interview

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Last Sunday (6 Jan) both myself and Deej were given an invitation by the mastermind and guitarist behind Leicester locals GhostShift, Craig Sharman to appear in a music video for their up coming release “Short Days Ago” which features, not just the rest of the band, Matt Hamer (guitar), Pete James (bass) and Steve Ward (drums), but also the self proclaimed “King of Metal” Wolfsbane and ex Iron Maiden frontman Mr. Blaze Bayley on guest vocals.

While I cant tell you much about the video other than it’ll be a live rendition of the track, I can tell you that its a near 6 minute epic based around the first World War poem “In Flanders Fields”.

Its not a full on head banger track or something that will scar your soul like most things reviewed on here but if you love your classic, old school heavy metal then this will be right up your street. With some guitar harmonies Thin Lizzy would be proud of and a low end rumble that will make your gut make uncomfortable movements the track suits Blaze’s baritone vocals better than Maiden ever did. It even has the obligatory Maidenesque crowd vocal “WOAH, WOAH AH OHHH…..”.

We caught up with Craig after the recording to get an insight to the project.

B&G: When did you guys form?

CS: The actual song I’ve been pissing about with in one way or another for the last 5 or 6 years. We used to do it in an old band but it was in a slightly different format. S o I contacted Blaze through his manager and asked him if he fancied doing it and he was really open to the idea. Initially I thought ‘Oh great, Ill have something with him on it and it’ll look really good’ and obviously it’ll sound amazing as well because his voice is unbelievable really. I think the problem with the Iron Maiden stuff is they wouldn’t tune down I don’t think and so it just didn’t suit his vocals. So he got a lot of flak for it because he wasn’t hitting the high notes. So we got the rest of the boys on board to record it because I cant play drums or bass to any standard!

B&G: How many tracks are on the release?

CS: We’re going to schedule to do maybe another 2 or 3. The initial idea was to get this out as a single to use some of the Maiden kind of ‘X-Factor” and use Blaze’s influence to push the single. Thats why we ended up doing this video today as he’s off to South America tomorrow. As for the release of it its probably going to be about 2 or 3 months time.

B&G: Is there a theme behind the song?

CS: This actual song is taken from a WW1 poem written by a Canadian soldier wrote called “In Flanders Fields” so the entire verse and chorus is almost word for word the poem. We kind of did it in sections because the first part of the song is very somber and slow and the second part is notably more cheerful when it starts with the two guitar parts. Which is like the reflective of going from… do remember in Blackadder Goes Forth when they all go over and then it cuts and it the field of poppies?

B&G: Its really cool when it stops in the middle and the last post comes in.

CS: So thats what its supposed to do. Then its like the narrative of the guy saying he can see people wandering round the graveyard but they’ll never know who he is or what his name was and they’ll never know who his friends were of where they were buried because theres all these grave stones with no names on, so its like a light and dark tragedy thing.

B&G: Are you taking it live?

CS: Yeah. The problem is we all live apart. I live up north now so I don’t know but were hoping to do some gigs and Blaze has kindly agreed to do the vocals when he can. Yeah, should be good.

B&G: What are the other bands you’re active with?

CS: Because were new, a lot of the band I used to go round with don’t exist any more or we never got on with so its hard to say really. Theres another Leicester band called Head Wires that just came out that are absolutely amazing so we’ve spoken to the guitarist from there and he said he’s happy to do some gigs together so hopefully well go out with those guys.

B&G: Whats the last album you bought?

CS: I think the last album I bought was something out of the WASP back catalogue. “Double Live assassins” because I really like their kill, fuck, die era stuff because they went absolutely crazy. Stopped writing songs full on knob jokes and started writing about slaughtering their ex girlfriends and stuff like that. I quite like the sentiment but we don’t condone the slaughter of anybody.

B&G: Cheers dude.

CS: No worries.

GhostShift are set to release the single “Short Days Ago” on 1 April (No joke!) and the video will be appearing soon. More info can be found on



Human Cull – Split Second Extinction

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Currently terrorising the South West and fresh from a tour with Oblivionized, Human Cull are no-nonsense grind up-your-ass and any other open orifices. They win instant B&G points for their misanthropic name (they existed as ‘Gran Toucher’ in their previous incarnation), track titles (30 Days of Ketamine is a particular favourite), and also for the fact that this album clocks in at a vigorous 8.8 minutes of old-school bludgeoning. The pretty rhythmic pirouettes of grindfathers Pig Destroyer are entirely absent – opening tracks ‘The Mechanics of Genocide’ & ‘Death Rituals’ do not fuck around with anything other than blastbeats and the pace doesn’t drop until third track ‘Oblivion Sleepwalkers’ which offers a filthy breakdown akin to the slow-motion bit in a beating. This is a no-nonsense album for people who like grind, it really is that simple.

However, therein lies the rub: this is no conversion piece that will turn people onto the grind. If you want chips, you buy chips, job done. At only 8 minutes, it’s no 40 track Nasum masterwork either, more of a violent seizure than a prolonged assault. Split Second Exctinction is a frenzied Doom-gasm rather than a Book Burner. Accusing them of being one-dimensional is a weak criticism though, and there are some genuinely raging moments: “Landfill Messiah” for instance is a re-working of the same track on 2011’s self-titled album, made heavier and crucially, nastier. The DIY punk ethic oozes from every weeping pore on this album, and with splits, compilation appearances and gigs aplenty over the last couple of years, these lads are working harder than Gary Glitter’s defence lawyers. These are well worth checking out too: ‘Cities Become Graves’ on their split with Homolka demonstrates a second dimension that’s lacking on this album as they effortlessly switch between furious grind and hateful slow-tempo filth.

Go check this out: It won’t surprise you but it’s not trying to. If you call out a plumber you expect them to fix your pipework with dedicated professional competence, not arrive dressed as a flamenco dancer and paint surrealist art all over your bathroom. In this case the plumber will grind your face off with an angle-grinder. Sorted.



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