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Aetherium Mors: Drenched in Victorious Blood

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Sometimes a solid slab of pure hate just falls out of the sky, and you don’t have to be a mindless ape smashing your neighbour’s skull in with a bone to appreciate it, although it probably helps. This week we were kindly furnished with a copy of Aetherium Mors’ healthily incubated debut album “Drenched in Victorious Blood”.

Hailing from Plymouth, Aetherium Mors, which is Latin (I presume) for Ethereal Death, is the two man project of Kane Nelson (Vocals) and Dan Couch (Guitars, Drums, Bass). After some line up reduction and being put on the back burner due to these guys’ prolific involvement in other bands (Holodomor, Daggers Drawn, and Warcrab) we are now presented with a mix of their older and new material; in my opinion it was well worth the wait.

The first track, “Sons of Men” jumps out of the gate like a rapid rottweiler, although it probably doesn’t need to win the race because its’ already ripped the other dogs to shreds and is shitting on their corpses. There’s a great juxtaposition between the blast beat heavy barrage of the verse and the sparser but more harmonic section that follows. “Luciferian March” brings the tempo down to a short lived dirge, as, unable to help themselves, the blast beats kick back in and charge down any mutilated survivors that may have been dragging themselves away after the first track. Another favourite is “The Fall of God”, which slides more towards the death metal side of the scale, with great riffs and some awesome technical soloing.

To be honest some of the more melodic sections aren’t for me (i.e. the start of Order of Talion), but that’s not to say its not well executed. Regardless of your musical preference it would be hard not to be impressed by the high standard of the vocals and instrumentation on this debut release. The only real criticism you could make is that some of this is a little derivative, but that would only really hold if the music was sub-par, however, as I’ve already pointed out, this fucking rules.

Lyrically we are basically sitting in the ninth circle of Hell staring Judas and Brutus straight in their frozen faces while Satan has a tasty snack. To best summarise the lyrical content, imagine God being repeated punched in the face for 34 minutes, this is anti-deism to rival Glen Benton. I would happily slot these songs thematically alongside the likes of Deicide, Behemoth and Watain in their pure contempt for monotheistic belief. The vocals competently straddle both the black and death metal styles, with high pitched ice-storms followed by trips into the vocal Mariana Trench.

It romps all over the place swallowing the light whole, and is unashamedly brutal. I eagerly anticipate more from Aetherium Mors, stay posted for an E.P. late 2013. Hail!



You can stream the album or purchase a digital copy of Drenched in Victorious Blood at:

B and G Podcast – 2012 Album of the Year

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Hello all,

The time is upon us where everything is judged and put into some bullshit order of worst to best and here in Grim Towers its no different.

(Insert fanfare here…) Deej and Murderdeth, in association with Necrowulf and Rumple Clungeberry, proudly present to you… The First Anual Badass & Grimness: Album of the Year! (insert ruptious applause here…)

Please remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes while you sit by the fire in your front room, with the slowly decaying carcass of a tree and enjoy these festive weeks of unfettered greed and consumerism, just as Jesus would have wanted it!



Monolithe – III

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This is the third full length release from French doommongers Monolithe, and the first of which I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Each album comprises a single track, the discography as described by the band themselves is ‘a musical saga that mixes heaviness, mysticism and complex structures tinged with hints of progressive flair. The listener is invited into a world of beauty, horror and nothingness.’ They’re not wrong. This 52 minute epic will reward perseverance and attention, while leaving those who expect instant gratification by the wayside.

This is a journey through cyclopean cathedrals of sound, which draws you inexorably deeper with each passing minute. At times you pass between towering walls of ambience, then are dragged forward through crushing waves of riffs, ebbing and flowing with regular inevitability. The transition from one musical idea to another is seamless, and there are just too many great moments to list them all, you’ll have to explore this cavernous beast for yourself and you’ll find new gems with each successive listen. The opening makes great use of discordant guitar harmonies before subsiding into a a filthy dirge, when around 2:45 you reach a foggy plateau reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor before the cloud disperses and the full grandeur is revealed as those crushing waves of guitar descend once more. It is hard to understate the sensation of motion and of space within this piece, at no point do you linger long enough among the same musical ideas for them to become stale or repetitive, a fresh vista is always on the horizon.

There is a sparing use of vocals here, and when they materialise it is as Charon stepping in to guide our path before we continue through the dark expanse that is III. There is brought to mind nothing so much as cavernous regions comprised of strange angles and a physics that does not obey our laws, this is sonic R’lyeh. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the drone end of the spectrum, one of the closest comparisons for me is my first encounter with Sunn O))), with a few friends and myself listening to Black One from start to finish while completely hammered. If you want a real experience from your music, and don’t mind putting some effort in, this is definitely for you.

So wait for dark, sit down, drink liberal amounts of your favourite vice, and explore this truly monolithic work, you won’t be disappointed.



Monolithian – Zero EP

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You may remember reading some incoherent ravings on this blog about seeing Monolithian live and being astounded by the sexy wall of noise they produced. Well now, because it’s currently some kind of religious festival, they have released the first of two EP’s with the second, ONE to manifest itself from the drone-shadows on 12’’ in the new year. Opening track ‘Baptism’ takes us straight to the frozen woods of Norway with ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ riffs & drums – only difference is IT’S ON A FUCKING BASS! This means that when it drops tempo, it’s downright menacing with claws in the air. Track 2, ‘Under The Obelisk’ rips us straight from the woods into a suave smoking jacket stood in a Hammer Horror film. Menace becomes groove: groove becomes towering chords as dense as granite; chords ebb into the frenzy of a seance gone wrong. Track 3, ‘Azothoth’ will delight the 5 Lovecraft fans who read this blog, as it’s an appropriately hideous mood piece echoing amongst unlighted chambers. Final track ‘The Anointed One’ invokes Sleep as its guiding deity and draws the EP to a solemn close. It’s no easier to transition between Black Metal and Doom than it is to go between scowling and stroking your chin with an eyebrow raised, but Monolithian achieve exactly that and make the transition sound effortless. Hats off to them: have a Frostbitten Christmas and roll on ONE.


Hear it here:
And you can hear ONE online too:


Cake Review – (Sticky Toffee Pudding with Honeycomb Icecream)

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“It’s like an angel taking a crap in your mouth”


Murderdeth and Deej

Cauldron – Gig Review (Bogiez Rock Club, Cardiff 06/12/12)

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There’s something heartbreaking about seeing a decent band playing to an invisible audience, and tonight that fate has befallen Canada’s Cauldron. The crowd consists of a few die-hard headbangers swaying drunkenly and a roughly equal number of middle-aged dog walkers sheltering awkwardly from the rain outside. In fact, the numbers would have doubled if they’d been allowed to bring their dogs in. Nevertheless, the Cauldron chaps take it all in their stride and blast out the metal with effortless proficiency. They throw the rockstar shapes onstage, but there’s an air of vague pointlessness to it all: they switch up the tempo to some of their thrashier back-catalogue mid-way to a good response but still cut their set short and nobody is offended. Some drunken cajoling brings them cheerfully back onstage after ‘All or Nothing’ and they belt out an encore before the crowd disappears entirely. Guitarist Mr. I. Chains shrugs it off good-naturedly: he reveals that their next stop is Eindhoven, the start of their 5-week European tour. Similarly, Mr J. Decay is unfazed by the turnout: “You guys came out though, eh?” he grins. That’s what it’s all about.




B and G Podcast Now On iTunes

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Ahoy followers,

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