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Winterfylleth: The Threnody of Triumph

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For the vast majority of you with a less esoteric vocabulary, threnody is a word synonymous with Lament, or Memorial, and is an apt monicker for Winterfylleth’s latest achievement. This album has a sweeping majesty which communicates the mourning of a lost heritage, and is a fitting counterpoint to the triumphalism of their previous release, The Mercian Sphere.

What this album does so successfully is to craft excellent melody parts which hold your interest throughout what are still a brutal collection of songs. The result is a textured and deep feel to the music. Black Metal is by its nature demanding musically, but this does not always bring with it a correspondingly high standard in song writing; not so for Wintefylleth who have clearly put as much time into songcraft as they have into their technical prowess.

The album also features a pair of acoustic tracks (“Aefterield-Freon” and “Home Is Behind”) which incorporate some of the English folk tradition which is the source of so much inspiration for the band, used to the same affect as European contemporaries such as Drudkh or Negura Bunget. If you enjoy these tracks watch out for some stand alone folk releases from these guys in 2013.

The best track on this album for me is The Swart Raven, which works successive variations on an original verse theme, building in complexity with additional countermelodies, and is just pure badassery. Other high points include The Glorious Plain and Void of Light.

It’s an exciting time for Black Metal in the UK, which is starting to step of out of the Scandinavian shadow and find its own distinct style in the likes of Winterfylleth,Wodensthrone and Fen. For fans of the genre this is a must, and if that’s not you then enjoy your K-Pop, just leaves more awesomeness for the rest of us.


Steve Harris: British Lion

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Steve Harris: British Lion

I’m yet to read a review of this album that does not mention Iron Maiden and from the outset it would seem that this one will be no different!

Don’t listen to this album expecting a Number of the Beast or Seventh Son soundalike because you wont get it.

While tracks like ‘The Chosen Ones’ and ‘A World Without Heaven’ may hint ever so slightly at the powerhouse of British metal with some twin guitar harmonies and lengthy solos it never really reaches the standard that I have come to expect from Steve Harris (producing) and Kevin Shirley (mixing).

Musically its a great album. The songs are well written and arranged despite an abrupt, unexplained stop in the middle of ‘Judas’ which confused me slightly.

The guitars are effectively heavy with clean picked sections especially in ‘These are the Hands’. There are enough guitar solos throughout to keep me happy.

The bass is Harris all over and the drums are solid but somewhat uninteresting.

The final track is a pleasant orchestral piece which suits Richard Taylor’s voice nicely. This however seems to be the exception on a vocal performance that, despite a nice vocal harmony towards the end of ‘Lost Worlds’, doesn’t suit the band.

For me there is a definite feel of 5 blokes in a garage about this album and in this sense it stays true to its genre, if leaning slightly towards the hard rock of the ‘70s/‘80s with parts that remind me of the likes of Soundgarden, Motley Crüe bass man Nikki Sixx’ Sixx AM and at points ex Black Sabbath Tony Martin.

Ive listened to it once. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to listen to it again unless it gets caught in a shuffle playlist.

My love for Maiden make me want to give this more, and while it is a departure from the norm for Harris I cant bring myself to go higher than 4 horns… Sorry Steve.

See you later shit lords.


Well here it is

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Murderdeth and myself listen to a lot of music, and normally have fairly strong views on it. It’s therefore surprising that we didn’t think of this sooner. We’re both long serving foot soldiers in the heavy metal legion, and between us should be able to rustle up some pretty entertaining and informed reviews of whatever we happen to lay our hands on.

So, whenever we hear a new shard of shiny metal glory we’ll be posting a full and frank summary of our opinions, and a 1-10 Drinking Horns ranking process.